Ready to get back on board?

We know you have questions about getting back on board. We get it, we’ve experienced a lot of change too.

For more than a year, DRPT and local transit agencies and operators have invested in additional ways to help keep you healthy and your ride even safer and more comfortable.

For us, it’s been a year of self-improvement where your local bus services, ride sharing and commuter programs have:

  • Explored new practices for operators' and passengers' safety:
  • Adapted service schedules to create:
    • More time for enhnaced cleanings
    • Opportunities for passengers to spread out on board

  • Published health policies online and on board to provide transparency to customers 

  • Reduced fare or provided fare-free transit in

While every service is different, we are all here for you and ready for your return. We think you'll like what you see. 

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